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SABROE SABflex screw compressor units

Small screw compressor units with swept volumes of 160–950 m3/h.

SABROE SABflex screw compressors are specially designed for installations where the requirements for refrigeration capacity vary over time. These smaller-size units are optimised to ensure exceptional part-load performance as well as the best possible energy efficiency.

Everything about these units is configured for use with variable-speed drive (VSD), doing away with the traditional capacity slider and ensuring skip-free performance across the entire 1,000–6,000 rpm capacity range.

The VSD drive can be mounted on the unit, or separately in an appropriate switchboard room.


SABflex units are available to provide swept volumes of 160–950 m3/h at 6000 rpm using a high-speed motor, or 160–570 m3/h at 3600 rpm using a standard motor.

Technical data
  • Thermosyphon and water-cooled oil coolers, with 3-way oil temperature control valve
  • Demand oil pump – controlled by Unisab systems controller.
  • Dual Super-filterTM oil filters
  • Complete economiser system.

Only for use with ammonia (R717) as refrigerant.

  • Lowest possible operating costs and rapid return on investment
  • Maximum part-load efficiency and low life cycle costs
  • Exceptional reliability and low maintenance costs
  • Optimised service/maintenance intervals, and unscheduled downtime minimised
  • Rapid commissioning and maximum in-service reliability


Swept volume
at 3600 rpm

Swept volume
at 6000 rpm

Nominal capacities in kW for R717 Unit dimensions Weight

Sound pressure
level at
3600 rpm

Sound pressure 
level at 
6000 rpm
m3/h High stage
With economiser

in mm
L x W x H

excluding motor/oil


SABflex 570 950 592 187 173 3250 x 1450 x 2100 2200 83 89

Sound pressure levels in free field over reflecting plane and one 
metre distance from the unit.