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Cooltech Finland OY is a suppliers of industrial piston and screw Sabroe compressors (SABROE FACTORY DK)

Also COOLTECH Finland OY:

  • consulting on compressors SABROE Refrigeration A/S (FRICK, STAL, GRAM)
  • supply of spare parts and components for screw and piston compressors and compressor units of SABROE company (FRICK, STAL, GRAM, SABROE FACTORY DK
  • upgrade and retrofit of refrigeration units, compressor units and compressors SABROE, STAL, GRAM, FRICK
  • supervision, start-up of the refrigeration systems based on SABROE, STAL, GRAM, FRICK
  • engineering design and manufacturing of non-standard tailor-made refrigeration equipment based on SABROE compressors
  • warranty and after-sales service of SABROE, STAL, GRAM, FRICK
  • technical inspection, automation, upgrading and reconstruction of Sabroe compressor units
  • maintenance and repair works (scheduled maintenance, preventive maintenance, complete overhaul, routine and minor maintenance)
  • remote monitoring and supervisory control of Sabroe refrigeration systems

Spheres of application:

  • Food industry (dairy, fisheries, breweries, poultries, meat processing, bakeries, etc.)
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Sport facilities (Ski resorts; Skating rink, etc)
  • Frozen soils for mining
  • Cold stores 
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Cooling of cement
  • Industrial air conditioning
  • Marine execution